Style Squad


Pictures by Tracey Adams

Retailer Ackermans is running their 2017 Style Squad competition where teen fashionistas compete by doing a series of fun fashion challenges for a cool prize. I have been selected as  part of a Style Squad media group that will also do the same challenges with the young fashionistas for fun.

For our first challenge the “celeb look-alike”, we had to recreate a look by our favourite celebs…adding our personalities and styling it with a items bought at the store. I recreated Rihanna’s double denim look and gave it a pop of pink and here is the look I came up with.


Rihanna’s double denim look is one of my favourite looks.

Nontando 1 _6570.jpg

Nontando  6 _6595.jpg

The denim shirt and shirt are from my closet and the straw cap and vest are from Ackermans.


Press card pic.jpg

Follow my style squad journey #ACKStyleSquad on my Instagram: @Nontando58

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