Stem cell team brings new life to skin


REGENERATION SQUAD: Jerome Jackson, Tracy-Lee Rosslind and Aseyah Rosslind. Picture: Rizqua Barnes

The USE of stem cells in the beauty industry has been making headlines for years. There are several breakthrough results that have been attributed to stem cell innovations.

It has been reported that stem cells can help achieve younger-looking skin. They are thought to encourage cell regeneration and repair skin damaged by the sun. But what are stem cells and what does the scientific term mean?

Chief scientific officer for natural product range Dermistem Jerome Jackson explains: “The advancement in the understanding of how stem cells work and how we can create them is changing the world in an unprecedented way. Stem cells, basically, are cells that are undifferentiated. That means that they can become any type of cell in the specific plant or animal – a skin cell, or liver cell, for example.

“This technology has changed the landscape of biological science, especially in regenerative and resurrection science, and medicine,” Jackson says.

He says: “Stem cells enable regeneration of previously irreparable damage. There is an unfortunate misunderstanding that whole, live, plant stem cells are used in cosmetics, and this is not true.

“We use an extract of the stem cells… we lyse (split open) the stem cells. This kills them, and we process the liquid contents of those stem cells into a botanical active that can be added to cosmetics for mostly regenerative and anti-ageing effects.

“There are creams employing the use of human stem cell extracts. However, these should be, and mostly are, regulated as drugs (medicines) and not as cosmetics.” Jackson, a consultant herbologist (herbal or botanical medicine) by profession, is passionate about natural medicine and its power.

His field of study also includes biology, medicine and natural medical science. He and aromatherapist and natural perfumer Aseyah Rosslind founded Dermistem in Plumstead when they realised that there was a huge demand for natural base cream products.

Their range of natural skincare systems consists of cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums, eye gel, exfoliators, a hyper-pigmentation cream and two excellent masks that contain Swiss glacial water which they use at their in-house treatment salon.

“Our point of difference is the plant stem cell extracts that we use throughout our range. Our skincare system is high in botanical actives and vitamin A, and we have kept it as natural as we possibly can – natural works.

“Our ethos is, ‘what you put on to your skin, you eat’. Therefore, use something that the body recognises,” says Rosslind.

The beauty and skincare market is saturated at the moment with a high demand for natural and organic products… leading to most consumers making uniformed choices about the right products to use.

Rosslind advises: “The thing that scares me the most about skincare products is the harmful ingredients that they contain and how they can affect one’s health. Therefore, we encourage consumers to learn what those ingredients are and to read labels.

“Avoid those harmful ingredients as far as possible. There is always a new thing that comes along, whether it be jojoba wax, Argan oil or AHA skin products, because there are always new raw materials being developed to address the needs of particular markets.

“You can’t go wrong with good basics though – establish a good daily routine of – cleanse, tone and moisturise. Look after your skin and remember to be gentle with it. Good skin can indeed be your make-up – skincare is essential – make-up is optional,” Rosslind adds.

For information, see Dermistem at  Image 2 RosslindXDermistem by Ashley Marie.jpg

Tracy-Lee Rosslind

From fashion stylist, producer, TV presenter to marketing director of a cutting-edge skincare brand, Tracy-Lee Rosslind has partnered with Dermistem to co-create a serum named RosslindxDermistem #RxDskin. She will be launching a full premium range called Diamond, which will be showcased at In-Cosmetics Global, a skincare event held at the ExCel in London in April. We spoke to her:

Tell us about the RosslindxDermistem range.

It is a natural unisex skincare range created to repair, protect and enhance your natural skin. It is auto-adaptive, which means it adapts to any climate and skin type. It contains plant stem cells and glacial water imported from the Alps, all to increase hydration and repair. It is especially for those in the entertainment industry using a lot of make-up and constantly under hot lights. I got a few of my industry friends to come and try the product. They all loved it.

Tell us about your beauty routine.

In all honesty, I never really had a beauty routine, but since turning 30 I can see a definite difference in my skin. It is the reason I walked into Dermistem in the first place. I use a cleanser, toner, our RxD Serum, an eye gel and then the Stem Cell Moisturiser.

What is your one can’t-do-without beauty product?

Our RosslindxDermistem Priming Serum; it really keeps my skin hydrated, ensuring my make-up stays put and flawless. I love putting it on if I am feeling tired, it refreshes me. I love the refreshing naartjie scent that does not linger for too long as we have ensured that it becomes odourless once completely absorbed in the skin. I am a big fan of perfumes and do not like it when it is affected by my creams.

Connect with Tracy-Lee at and Instagram @mstracyleerosslind


This feature was first published in the Cape Argus on January 10 2017.

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