Accessories as stylish works of art


 A PICHULIK beaded column and beaded full circle earrings. Picture by  Xandre Kriel

Bespoke accessories brand PICHULIK is known for its bold statement pieces in beautiful shapes, patterns and colours, all inspired by designer Katherine-Mary Pichulik’s travels and the people she has met.

The brand recently launched their Spring/Summer (SS17) range, but moving away from its usual vibrant blues, reds and yellows, this collection has a restricted palette of natural colours in soothing hues of dusty pinks, soft sand colours, black and white offset by gold wrapping and polished metals. The shapes are reminiscent of the works of influential 20th century sculptor Constantin Brancusi whose bronze and marble peices are celebrated for their simple forms and exquisite finishings.

3 Beaded magic earrings large.JPG

Beaded magic earrings large. Picture by  Xandre Kriel

“I would not trace our new jewellery designs to a specific period, but rather see the designs as descendants of Central Indian ceremonial jewels, Middle-Eastern ornamentation and Byzantine gold and gemstone embellishments of gold and stones,” says Pichiluk.

“This collection is incredibly feminine and the colours are softer because of the desert influences. I guess it’s because I am also in love at the moment and my general take on things is softer and gentler. We really wanted to pare the pieces down to the brand’s essence, which has always been considered materials, sensitive and attentive craftsmanship, and ancient wisdom, she says.

2 Mithra pendants black.Horn Pendant.JPG

Mithra pendants black and a horn pendant. Picture by  Xandre Kriel

Each of the pieces speaks to the idea of journey, discovery and exchange and are characterised by organic materials like Jade, shell, horn and hemp, all ancient currencies that Pichulik says should be worn boldly as symbols of value and worth.

The  PICHULIK spring/summer 2017 lookbook, features clothes by Nadya von Stein and their limited-edition range of hats and bags.

4 Mithra pendant.JPG

Mithra pendant. Picture by  Xandre Kriel

*The Pichulik spring/summer 2017 collection is available online at, at the PICHULIK store in the V&A Watershed and at the AKJP Collective in Cape Town.

Twitter: @pichulik
Instagram: @pichulikafrica

Shake it up with tassels, pompoms, bells


Gerry Cupido, the creator of 1/1Creations designs

Fashion and beauty writer Gerry Cupido  is trending for her quirky tassels and pompon creations. We speak to her about her colourful pieces.

Tell us how your brand 1/1CREATIONS came about? 1/1Creations is a celebration of individuality. Being bipolar, the highs come with very lows and over the past few months I’ve had to build myself and pull myself out from acute depression brought on by a personal trauma. In the darkness I had to reconnect with myself and to do so, identify my core self… authentic self. That is my creativity and in that 1/1Creations was born. I knew that I needed to create and whatever that was going to be was going to be from my soul.


What truly defines your designs?  The signature of my pieces are the tassels, I am obsessed with them. After figuring out how to make my own I couldn’t stop making them. Unlike most tassels, which are often one in colour, mine are a mixture of colour and texture. The designs often feature a little bell as well. I want my pieces to bring happiness to the person who owns it. The bright colours and the little jingle, each piece is carefully and lovingly created by my hands.

“I draw inspiration from the beauty that surrounds me, from walks along the beach to my mom’s garden in full bloom”

Describe the person/customer you design for? The person who wears my pieces will knows that each piece is as unique as he or she is. It’s for the person who embraces and celebrates their individuality.


To buy? Order via my Facebook page and email: Facebook: or email:

This piece was first published in the Cape Argus on October 14 2016.

Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @Nontando58


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