The girl in brown and black

Rizb 3Pictures by  Rizqua Barnes Richards

My look for SA Menswear Week Day 2 was lit. This faux leather two-toned outfit was goals. Paired with a Nontando original African Prints bomber jacket it was just fire, if I do say so myself;-)  I will be launching my range soon fashionistas, stay tuned.

Amazing photographer Rizqua Barnes Richards took these before the shows started. Check out her amazing work on Instagram at

Rizb 1 1Rizb 44Rizb  3 3Rizb 6

Nontando Wore What?  #Nontandoworewhat

Jacket: A Nontando Original

Skirt: Mr Price Fashion

Shoes: G-Star RAW

Bag: Adidas

Hat: Simon and Mary 

Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat: Nontando58.

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