Welcome to the Village Music Festival 2014


For me, a combination of good music, food and the right kind of vibe are crucial for a successful music festival. Over the weekend I attended the ‘Welcome to the Village Music Festival’ held in Leeuwarden, Netherlands at the Recreatiegebied De Groene Ster, a beautiful camping site. It was three days (Friday, Sat and Sunday) of great music, food and breathtaking landscape. The line-up included John Coffey, gifted Coely who was my favourite, Band of Skulls and others. The music was spread over six stages, which included a rave stage. We danced until about 4am each night to the sounds of house and hip hop. A disappointment though was the distance one had to walk from the festival to the camping site, which took about thirty minutes, if not more. Going back and forth was not pleasant especially after a night of dancing and drinking. Some wise festive goers brought their bicycles, I wished we did the same. The festival organisers really need to look into providing a shuttle service. Besides this, it was a chilled festival, not too packed, the toilets were clean and water stations were dotted around, which was important as it was really hot.



smoked paling, I had so many of these;-)

smoked paling, I had so many of these;-)

DSC01204 DSC01212 DSC01222 DSC01237 DSC01261 DSC01265 DSC01283 DSC01310

IMG_20140721_173228 IMG_20140721_173457 IMG_20140721_173834 IMG_20140721_174022 IMG_20140721_174411 IMG_20140721_174515 IMG_20140721_174637 IMG_20140721_174835


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