Bokeh Fashion Film Festival (BFFF)

A Cape Town producer and director is headed for Hollywood after bagging the Mercedes-Benz Award for best fashion film last Saturday.

Ernest Heusserwon the title at the inaugural Mercedes-Benz Bokeh
South Africa International Fashion Film Festival held at the Crossley &
Webb showroom at Wembley Square at the weekend.

The fashion film genre was pioneered by Chanel, Prada, Dior, Gucci,
Yves St Laurent and Givenchy who have had success with their films going viral on the internet. Fashion films are aimed at enhancing
the asset of the brand and the audience gets to connect with the designer on a digital level. More international designers are opting for fashion films rather than the conventional TV adverts or fashion

Heusser, 31, from The Video Cartel, won the R52 000 cash prize. His winning film Wanderlust will compete in the International Fashion Film
Awards in Hollywood next month and will also be screened at the Afrovibes Festival in the Netherlands. “I shoot so many commercial and
corporate things. So every year I do at least one project for myself, to reinforce my love for film-making,” Heusser

The film, shot in Robertson, tells a story of two friends who meet at a deserted train station and go off on a whimsical journey of personal discovery and adventure. “A fashion video is two things: a trailer for your product and brand. It should inspire the viewer to the brand’s
Hollywood beckons for city director core values and inform the viewer
of the brand lifestyle and identity.

Secondly, it is an advert for the online shop. It should drive traffic, interest and in the end should convert to sales,” he said. “The idea was to make it romantic and dreamlike, focusing on the fashion and accessories, and using a narrative to  lead the viewer through the journey. ”

[This story was first published in the Cape Argus on June 10 2014] Thanks Style Africa for the beautiful pictures:

All images by Zaid Joseph

This is how we won the red carpert and Style Africa's best dressed. We were dressed in my label NOYO Closet.  African prints win!

This is how we won the red carpert and Style Africa’s best dressed. We were dressed in our label NOYO Closet. African prints win!

style africa noyo 1 noyo 2

B6 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5B9 b8



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