NOYO Closet’s BIG launch party

The NOYO Closet team, Nontando Mposo and Yolanda Matyolo

The NOYO Closet team, Nontando Mposo and Yolanda Matyolo

NOYO Closet held its BIG launch this past weekend at Amadoda Braai place in Woodstock. Cape Town’s media people, bloggers and your PR turned up in numbers. The dress theme was “Let the African in your ROAR!!” and most of the guests followed the theme and showed up in bold prints and colours…everyone looked amazing. The fabulous pictures are by digital documentary production company Urban Lung Productions []. They did a good job in capturing our special day moments.

10154247_395214287285711_8498881168468048399_n 1002688_395214407285699_871028246184075228_n 1010861_395214500619023_382355806641947204_n 1508642_395214687285671_7589155012934292508_n 1688614_395215040618969_4000966718844191754_n10170852_395213773952429_1920177573614057209_n10289968_395213553952451_5289026713961053077_n10247412_395212237285916_8618008969742582808_n10253959_395214283952378_2633719952618657540_n10259840_395213727285767_7737186269209683905_n10268514_395212747285865_5603759477064241653_n10269382_395213150619158_1003155712227884060_n10277055_395214420619031_7170870826216586697_n10291856_395212813952525_6808797054598041317_n10325303_395213783952428_1925827413853272411_n10308108_395212870619186_2003033771432492491_n (1)10322779_395212560619217_7941988402211857724_n10341609_395212593952547_9018212455438416020_n10349963_395212270619246_4888702386146138054_n10343539_395212263952580_4955010551374439125_n10346626_395212973952509_3201794869981702106_n






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