Bonang Matheba covers

Bonang 4

South African media darling Bonang Queen B***  Matheba covers issue 14 and talks fame and success with Lwazi Hadebe. I’ve been waiting on this issue to see what Previdar’s creative team got up to. They did not disappoint, Bonang  served up hotness and fierceness in a series of cheeky shorts. Styled by Fearless Africa, the spread is dramatic and sexy.

Pictures by Photographer: Lawrence Manyapelo and Make-up and Hair by Nthato Mashishi

Here is a snippet of the interview: Read the rest on link>>:

A: “That I’m a bit of a diva, I’m not a nice person, I’m bitchy – I trample on people just to get what I want. I work very hard and then when people meet me they get rather disappointed when they find out that I’m none of those things – how chilled and relaxed I am. ”

Bonang 1 Bonang 2 Bonang 3Bonang 5


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