It’s blooming florals

The love affair with floral prints continues to dominate and this time its not only reserved for Spring and Summer. From floral print dresses, swimsuits, sunglasses, blouses, jackets, pants and even shoes and stockings, the floral trend is here to stay.

Fashion lovers, both men and women, are stepping out in floral prints in vibrant and pastel colours. I love it that I can brighten my winter closet with bright and flowery designs.

The floral print is all about having fun, so play with the trend to suit your mood. Tone it down by pairing it with sheer materials in soft pastel colours for a romantic look or pair it with bold prints for a bold look. And do avoid washed out florals that may look like your grandma’s couch. Here are a few looks to inspire your floral print outfits.

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5 thoughts on “It’s blooming florals

  1. I will never tire of florals. I love to add a bit of floral to something really edgy and grungy for the contrast between hard and soft. I loved the first image with the model being smothered in petals. Really drew my atention 🙂 xoxo

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