Beer House on Long Street

We attended the official launch of the Beer House on Long Street the other day. If you are a fan of beer, like I am, be sure to visit this pub with 16 different beers available on tap at an given time. Yes you read right 16, served over a 15-m long bar, this is a first of it’s kind in Cape Town.

A huge assortment of both craft and industrial ales from around the world are on offer, including 70 different South African and imported lagers, ciders, stouts, pilsners, weiss beers and more, and at least 30 distinct artisan brews sourced from South Africa’s small, independent breweries (alongside all your standard SAB and Brandhouse alternatives). Pints, pitchers, bottles, and three-litre mini kegs are the available serving options. Bar snacks are also on offer. My favourite is the Liefmans Belgian Beer. pictures by Thomas Holder of Urban Lung Productions.


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