49M Rocking the Daisies

MY ears are still ringing with what I can describe as a subtle steady sound of bass and my body feels like I ran a marathon this past weekend. This is the aftermath of this year’s Rocking the Daisies festival. There were 15 000 of us music lovers who gathered at the Cloof Wine Estate in Darling, for what was known as the 49M Rocking the Daisies festival.

We set up camp about 2km away from the main stage. This was good because it meant we were close to the action and didn’t have to walk far. The down side was we weren’t able to sleep until the last band had switched off for the night, hence my ringing ears…who sleeps at a music festival anyway. Friday kicked off with a medley of rock bands such as Machineri, Iso and December Streets, on the main stage. On the other side at the Red Bull Electro Stage, hip hop beats mixed with electro dance music had us stomping and bopping our heads until the early hours of Saturday morning. US hip hop mogul, Grandmaster Flash had the crowd in a trance as he dropped hit after hit of old school hip hop and R&B, from MC Hammer’s “U can’t touch this” to Destiny’s Child.


People dressed up in costumes added some element of humour; there were smurfs, giraffes, elephants and wild cats that were keen to pose for pictures. The fashion-forward showed off in the latest trends of high-waisted cut-off denim shorts, floral pants, pastel jeans and Wellington boots.




Rocking the Daisies is the fastest growing eco-friendly music and lifestyle festival in the country, the weekend pass tickets were sold out by Thursday evening. More and more brands are coming on board for exposure. Almost everything carries a brand name, from alcoholic brands to banks. A nice touch was the Capitec Bank Swap Shop, which saw festive-goers go cashless and swap their old stuff and waste into new gear, such as t-shirts and jeans.


The festival is not only about music, it’s about a weekend of fun, socializing, and an escape from the city buzz. There was a traders market that had everything from sunglasses to locally designed t-shirts. For some downtime between shows The Shnit Cinema, showcased the finest short films. Lifestyle exhibitions saw artists at work and the food village kept us fed. On offer was everything from Sushi, gourmet burgers to curry. A bit of a downer was having to stand in a queue for sometimes more than an hour in the festival’s busiest times, breakfast and dinner.


For those who were brave enough to venture into the dam, the Mainstay Beach Bar was the place to be after a dip into the water. Dance Deejays such as Coco Loco, Lady M and Malcolm Skene heated things up while you sipped on a cocktail on the sand.




The big line-up on Saturday saw big bands such as The Rudimentals, Desmond and the Tutu’s Shadow Clubs, the much-anticipated Block Party and Arno Carstens. In the quirky Nu World Beat Barn, Lindiwe Suttle, Zaki Ibrahim and Black South Easter serenaded with their cool vocals. Festive revellers were chanting “We want more” until sun rise.

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