LIKE a powerful tornado we are spinning around and round uncontrollable

we can’t stop

I see you, you see me

we smile

we want more of each other

warm feelings in our hearts we grin like teenagers in new love

we hold hands

it feels good

I want more…I want more of you

of your soft lips

your touch.

I am taken and wrapped up in you

the way you look at me tells a story of me and you

I see you too, drowning in me

I can’t stop touching your beautiful skin

I wanna melt in it until it becomes a part of me

I feel safe and sheltered in your arms

Making love to you takes me far

to the land of beautiful flowers

blue seas and skies

I want to stay there and in your arms

You pleasure me in ways I never knew existed

We are perfect together

we fit in every way

Each day I see a different part of you


your energy ignites my soul

we are lost in our world

the world of you and me.

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