The Grand Café & Beach

I FOUND serendipity at The Grand Cafe & Beach many Saturday’s ago. Picture this, Cape Town weather at its best, the sun is shinning and the sky is bluer than Brad Pitts eyes. Me and my two BFF’s are sitting around a table on the sand facing the sea, which is less than 2km away. It’s blue and littered with luxury boats and jet skis. Slowly sipping on chilled chardonnay and tapping our feet to lounge music playing in the background. Aaah no this is NOT Miami or Sychelles…gad dammm! we live in a beautiful country. SOUTH AFRICA you are beautiful!!! We get so caught up in things going wrong in this country that we forget the things that we have working for us. You will find a gem or two in every province if you keen to explore. Now this heaven is found in Haul Road, off Beach Road, Granger Bay.

Me and my girls had a lazy lunch there, the food was great. I had a salmon and salad. My one friend had a calamari salad, portion wise a bit too much, we all had to dig in and help her finish it. The prices are steep but the view and ambience makes it all worth it. The service was a bit slow (which has become the norm in SA sadly) each time we had to wave to grab our waiters attention, which gets a bit annoying if you are expected to fork out a 10 % tip.

Their outside bar area is perfect for sundowners. You can put your feet up on their comfortable white couches while a live Dj drops mad beats in the background. As you can imagine, this place is in demand so book ahead.

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