Holland my favorite country…so far.

“What is the purpose of your visit here?” he asks.  My reply … besides my boyfriend, I am here for the food. ..a Kroket to be specific… off course I didn’t say that these guys at customs are already suspicious enough.  So I gave him a decent answer while flashing my sweetest smile.

I breathe out as I set my foot at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the land of cheese and cows. My boyfriend knows the drill,  kisses and hugs first and then we are off to the snack bar. Now this is the magic moment for me.  Hello! Kroket you delicious thing. It’s a mess of beef, potatoes and spices inside and encased in breadcrumbs, that gives it that crunch. Slowly savoring it while he impatiently taps his foot.  YES! This is my favorite city in the world…so far.

The people walk fast, their technology is way ahead but somehow things move at a slower pace. I always feel relaxed here. Here are some of my favorite things about Holland…

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